The Edge Back Drag System - If You Back Drag - You Need The Edge! 2016 Models NOW IN STOCK!
More About The Edge Backdrag System
We believe that our success in building the best backdrag system is based on all the details.  No expense is spared and perfection in workmanship is of utmost importance to us.  Here are some more details about our product:
New Backdrag Assembly utilizing a Neoprene Drag Blade
In reverse, the Neoprene Drag Blade acts like a wiper, catching snow and debris.
This unique design acts like a " squeegee" removing excess snow and slush as it moves forward.   
Neoprene Drag Blade conforms to any surface.
Fits all makes and models including: Vee Plows and Four-Wheeler Plows!
Alternate Mounting Method(shown above)
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The Edge Backdrag System
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